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Rick Mundy Watercolors
8 Andrea Dr. Setauket, NY 11733

Rick Mundy is an accomplished artist in transparent watercolor and specializes in realistic landscapes and seascapes. His most popular works feature the beaches and lighthouses of Long Island as well as coastal scenes, docks and shipyards. A New York State Licensed Guide and avid outdoorsman, Rick has also captured, in paint, the forests, rivers and lakes of the Adirondacks.

Rick has spent much time in Alaska and is a member of the Alaska Watercolor Society. Because of the expansive beauty of "the Last Frontier" Rick has been compelled to sketch and paint many of its scenes, both summer beauty and winter grandeur.

Rick resides in Setauket, Long Island, New York and maintains a gallery and studio in his home.


Woodstock School of Art

Privately apprenticed to Andrew Stasky and Robert Zoeller, famed watercolorists of Long Island.

Extensive reading and experimentation has shaped Rickís unique watercolor form and style.


Awards within Suffolk County (1992-2005 only):

Smithtown Township Arts Council (2005)

Montauk Art Show: Honorable Mention 2005
Patchogue Art Show First Place 2005

Mary O. Fritchie Art Show, Westhampton Beach,
Second Place 2005
First Place, Present

Sayville Art Show: First Place: 1992,1996,1997,2000
    Second Place: 1993,1994,1995
    Third Place: 2002
    Honorable Mention: 1998, 1999, 2001

Gallery North: Second Prize Watercolor 2001

Long Island Convention & Visitors Bureau & Sports Commission: "...proudly honor (this website) as being one of the top Businesses of the Year Present"

"...I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your crucial part in (my art display) making the Great Gatsby Gala event such a success..." 2001
(Deborah Linke, Executive Director, WBCF)

Huntington Arts Council
   (Long Island Convention & Visitors Bureau)
    Second Place 2001

South Bay Artistsí Association Membersí Exhibit: 
    Third Place, 1999

New York Press Association: Best Front Covers for Neighborhood Publications in the State:1995,1996

Neighborhood Publications: 1995,1996
    Winner of New York State Outdoor Guides
    Association  Centennial Design Competition

Harbor Festival Art, Port Jefferson: 
    First Place: 1995, 1997

Manhattan Arts International: Award of Merit for 
    Front Cover Design

Publications and Reviews (1992-2002 only):

The New York Times, 1996
Artspeak International
: September 1997
Cover Artist for the official Guide to the Guides   
     Publication of New York Outdoor Guides 
     Association 1992-2000; 
Distinction Magazine: 1997, 2001, Present
Boater's Digest, 2002
Boating World, 2000
Art Business News, 2002

The Village Times
Encyclopedia of Living Artists 1993
Cover Artist: Long Island Convention and 
     Visitorsí Bureau  Publication
The Three Village Herald



Prints of Rick's work were used in Noel Coward's Design for Living at the Gesher Theatre, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa 2006

Prints of Rick's work were used in ABC's "Full House" 2005 and have been sold in 2006 in Office Depot, Office Max, Macy's, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


                                         Rick Mundy




 Rick Mundy  Rick Mundy








Rick Mundy at work in his studio.





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