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Nautical decor art prints
make excellent fine art nautical gifts for the lovers of beaches, boats, and lobsters!

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The sailboat paintings at the right, “The Boat Painter“, is a Limited Edition lithograph, which I signed and numbered. It sells for $75 which includes all handling, shipping and appropriate taxes. When these sailboat paintings are matted, they fit into a standard size 22x28 frame so custom framing of these nautical gifts can be avoided. Click on each fine art print for more information. I invite you to visit my favorite beach paintings as well.

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The Boatyard Cousins of the Blue Lobster The Boat Painter

This is my Nautical Fourth of July painting. The Red, White, and Blue in a nautical scene.


Lobsters are occasionally caught with unusual colors, although I have never seen one. I have used artistic license in this art print of lobsters.

This is the only time I ever painted myself into sailboat paintings.


The two fine art paintings at the left, the sailboat paintings and the lobsters, are Giclee prints, printed on hand made cotton paper from Europe. All of my giclee prints have been tested for longevity, and it has been determined by Wilhelm Research, that they will not show signs of noticeable fading that the human eye can detect until 2060-2070….. These are outstanding fine art prints!

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