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The Original is available at $3000.00.


$95.00 Double matted to fit standard size16”x20” frame.


$125.00 Unmatted to fit standard size 22”x8”  frame.


$285.00 Full sheet of hand made  cotton paper
(280 lb. wt., from France)
all 4 sides with deckled edges, approximately 




These Fine Art prints of lobsters for the nautical decor of your home, kitchen, or to be included in restaurant supplies with a nautical decor. These three red lobsters and a blue lobster art prints are available in different sizes to best match the needs for your home, kitchen, or your search in restaurant supplies for something different … … … This painting of lobsters is a real eye catcher!

You will never find lobster recipes calling for a Blue lobster for they are indeed a rarity: one in three million! Other colors also exist, in fact, every color found on typical lobsters can sometimes take over the entire lobster. Yellow lobsters or black lobsters could become nautical dιcor art prints in future paintings. I hope you file away this nautical decor print into your restaurant supplies, because like the Blue lobster …. it is another rarity, and you just might not see one again! Those dealing with restaurant supplies should be aware that a print like this exists and is unusual nautical decor for an exceptional restaurant or kitchen. More of my nautical decor paintings can be found on this link: Nautical decor for restaurant supplies.

These art prints of the blue lobster are printed on hand made cotton fiber from Europe. They have been tested for longevity by Wilhelm research and it was determined that they will show no signs of noticeable fading, detectable to the human eye, until 2060-2070. These lobsters will last a lifetime.



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