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Limited Edition (500) Signed and Numbered


Double Matted to fit standard size 16"x20" frame. Mailed flat.





Thank you for visiting my paintings of the Adirondacks.

My art prints of the Adirondack Mountains are popular because these art landscapes show scenes that so many people are familiar with. The Adirondack mountains art prints shown here, are from downstream of Indian Lake's old swimming hole. The rocky landscapes of the Adirondack mountains often have cliffs, and the old swimming hole is no exception to this. Youngsters often climb and jump off the rocky landscapes into the cold waters of the Adirondacks' Cedar River. These art prints of the Adirondacks are reasonably priced at $65, double matted (appropriate taxes included) Shipping, handling, & postage is Free!

Looking for paintings or art prints of the Adirondack mountains from even higher up in the Adirondacks? My Summit Views I, II, and III look out at the Adirondack mountains from the best view possible. They are art prints of the Adirondacks in a panoramic series of paintings:

Paintings 1 and art prints of the Adirondacks 1 is from the top of St. Regis and looks SE; At extreme left is Upper Saint Regis & Bear Pond; Little Long Pond is in center; Little Clear Pond is at the right; and Saint Regis Pond is at the extreme right. We often camp at Little Green, but Little Long is my favorite for canoeing.

Paintings 2 and art prints of the Adirondacks 2 looks SW; at left is the rest of Saint Regis Pond; Upper Saranac in distance; at center is Hoel Pond & to the right of it is the Floodwater Pond area.

Paintings 3 and art prints of the Adirondacks 3 looks west towards Fish pond & Long Pond Mountain. Artistic license has been used in these 3 paintings and art prints of these 3 Adirondacks' compositions so as to make them better balanced and visually pleasing.

I feel these 3 paintings really do capture the rocky landscapes feel when you are standing on the summits of these Adirondack mountains.



1980-2005, Rick Mundy. All Rights Reserved...

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