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$95.00 Double matted, to fit standard size16”x20” frame.


$125.00 Unmatted, to fit standard size 22”x28” frame.


$285.00 Full sheet of hand made  cotton paper
(280 lb. wt., from France)
all 4 sides with deckled edges, approximately 




Beach paintings: Family beach vacations are to be enjoyed, and any beach vacation is to be remembered. They are gems of family time spent near sand dunes and the calming surf with an uncluttered horizon.

These three paintings of seascapes are meant to do just that: to remind one of the family beach vacations that were, and the enjoyment that the family had. These triptych beach paintings form a panoramic scene of sand dunes at the beach. Picture your beach towel in these beach paintings, because my beach towel was actually there, right next to the sand dunes! Beach scenes just like this exist up and down our seacoast.

All three of these family beach vacation scenes are giclee prints on hand made cotton paper from Europe, and have been tested for longevity. All three Originals are sold and are no longer available. They were bought by a couple the very first three hours the public had a chance to see them.

Of all my watercolor paintings, the preparation work of sketching the sand dunes, beach grass, and sand dune fencing, is certainly the most enjoyable. Watercolor paintings of seascapes force me to pack my cooler, beach bag of painting supplies, beach towel, and drive to a sandy scene for a day of “work’’.

Enjoy these seascapes  as your memories of your days at the beach!


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