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$95.00 Double matted to fit standard size16”x20” frame.


$125.00 Unmatted to fit standard size 22”x28”  frame, when matted.


Fly fishing art
is certainly not uncommon, and with the artistic beauty of the fishing flies complementing the utility of the fly fishing flies, I can certainly see why! Any one of these fly fishing flies might work well on one particular time of day, and the others may surpass its performance if conditions change the very next day. The “right fly” seems to be the one that is working at that time.

Fly fishing art and fly fishing prints do not tell the whole story. Besides the beautiful deception that fly fishing prints depict, the presentation of the fishing fly can be as equally important as the accuracy of it’s mimic deception.

This particular fly fishing art was chosen for the front cover of the New York State Outdoor Guides Association yearly Guide in Present, an organization strong in the art of fly fishing. After it was published, I decided to make fly fishing prints from the original art. These giclee prints are printed on 500# Somerset paper from England, and have excellent longevity (Wilhelm Research). It would have been interesting to create fly fishing prints of flies as the fish sees them (a future print perhaps). Consider the subtle changes to the Royal Coachman. The green peacock herl of the Royal Coachman would be painted as a bronze-olive color when wet, and its dry red rayon-floss body would have to be painted as a dark brown color. Other subtle changes would occur on other flies as well as the Royal Coachman. I found that the beauty of fishing flies easily lends itself to a painting, and would be best painted as we see them… dry.

Should you be interested in purchasing one of my fly fishing prints, I could write something to you or to the person who would be receiving it as a gift. This courtesy would be written in pencil, on the mat, below and to the left of the image. All my fly fishing art is signed by me in the lower right of the image.



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