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The Fire Island ferries provide access to Cherry Grove, Ocean Beach, Fire Island Pines, and many other beach communities. (Schedule access for the Fire Island ferries is included in this website).

Fire Island, New York has some of the finest grained white sandy beaches in the world, as well as borders the Fire Island National Seashore, an untouched tract of ocean beach that extends for several miles. Each Fire Island ferry will deliver you to a Fire Island community with it’s own uniqueness. Ocean Beach tends to be conservative (except at night); Cherry Grove and the Fire Island Pines are more liberal; Cherry Grove is very much open for day trippers, and Oakleyville is very much closed for day trippers. There is a Fire Island New York community for everyone.

The Fire Island ferries from Sayville Long Island serve Sailor’s Haven, Cherry Grove, and the Fire Island Pines. The Fire Island ferry from Patchogue Long Island serves Davis Park and Watch Hill. The Fire Island ferries from Bay Shore Long Island serve the majority of the beach communities. I have included a link to the Fire Island ferry schedule in my “Informational/links” buttons.

When the warm summer beach days arrive, I check the Fire Island ferry schedule, pack a small cooler and add art supplies into my day pack. I like to arrive early, and then walk a good distance down the beach before setting up my beach spot. Days like these I appreciate. Put Fire Island New York on you list of places to visit. Hope to see you there!

This is a limited edition lithograph, signed, numbered, & mailed flat. The Original has been sold.


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