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Limited Edition (500): Signed and Numbered


Double Matted to fit standard size 16"x20" frame. Mailed flat.






Paintings of the Adirondacks must include birches!  Paintings of the Adirondack mountains often have the white pine or white birch as the Adirondacks landscapes unique signature. These art prints, painted near Indian Lake NY, are typical of the landscapes found in the Adirondacks, and are priced at $65, double matted (all shipping, handling, & appropriate taxes included). These paintings of the Adirondack mountains are numbered and signed by me.

These paintings of the Adirondack mountains show the Cedar River, downstream from Indian Lake, flowing towards Rock River. Further downstream (left)The artist, Rick Mundy, in the Adirondacks its waters join the Indian, and then the Hudson. The abundance of birches in this area makes it especially beautiful in the fall. Paintings of the Adirondacks and other Adirondack art that I do is often reminiscent of places I had personally enjoyed. My art prints of the Adirondacks, as these paintings show, is where I often camped, just to the left of the protective hemlocks. Many good evenings in the Adirondacks were spent camping here, well away from the hustle and bustle of Indian Lake, a very good distance upstream.

I have more paintings of Adirondacks landscapes and art prints from other areas far from Indian Lake NY. I do hope you will visit, linger, and enjoy these Adirondack art prints as well.




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