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$95.00 Double matted to fit standard size16”x20” frame.


$125.00 Unmatted to fit standard size 22”x8”  frame.


     $285.00 Full sheet of hand made  cotton paper
(280 lb. wt., from France)
all 4 sides with deckled edges, approximately 




     Tropical paintings and other forms of tropical art can easily bring back memories of time spent at tropical resorts. This tropical art print, possibly reminds you of the relaxation you had spent at beach resorts, has a companion to it entitled “Latitude”. With the proper attitude and the proper latitude one is guaranteed to enjoy the days at tropical beaches.

     This diptych of tropical beach resorts reminds me of the open spaces and unhurried days I had spent at various tropical beach resorts. These two beach paintings were meant to remind you as well, of time well spent at warm beaches.

     Be sure to visit an unusual form of nine tropical art prints that I have done in a mosaic style motif. This tropical art contains 1200 to 1500 individually painted mosaic tiles in each of the tropical paintings. It is a very unusual form of tropical art and one rarely sees anything like it, due to its high degree of difficulty.

     Both these tropical art prints are giclee prints, printed on 500# cotton paper from England, and have been tested for longevity (Wilhelm Research). As with all my beach paintings, they are signed and mailed flat. All prices stated on this web site include the mailer, postage and handling. There are no additional fees tacked on. Like many beach resorts, they are all inclusive!



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