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$95.00 Double matted to fit standard size16”x20” frame.


$125.00 Unmatted to fit standard size 22”x28”  frame.


$285.00 Full sheet of hand made  cotton paper
(280 lb. wt., from France)
all 4 sides with deckled edges, approximately 



     The Optimist sailboats look like a lot of fun! I have never done Optimist sailing myself, but they make an interesting focal point in seascapes and nautical decor. This particular seascape shows the sky clearing, and the Optimists will be taken out shortly. I felt it appropriate that seascape paintings of the Optimist sailboats show a sky that is clearing up! The promise of a good day of sailing is in the wind, yes... always the optimist! They were interesting sailboats to sketch.

     Nautical decor and seascapes: Many of my other interesting seascape paintings and ocean paintings can be seen by visiting the Nautical page on my web site. If you are a seascape beach person, and what optimist is not, do visit Beaches, to see one of my favorite works, Beach With a View I, II, & III. These seascape paintings show a panoramic view of the beach, a seascape view that I suspect, Optimist sailing must deliver.

     This particular Optimist sailing print is printed on 140# handmade cotton paper from Europe. The manufacturer has been making paper by hand since 1492, and I consider it to be the best I could purchase for my printing needs. These seascape paintings are printed on the same paper that I had painted the Original on, the paper is that good. These ocean paintings have been tested for longevity (Wilhelm-Research). All prices stated on this web site represent the total price, there are no tack on fees.

     As a Courtesy… should you be interested in purchasing one of my nautical decor seascapes, possibly “Always the Optimist“, or another print of a nautical decor, I could write something to you or to the person who would be receiving it as a gift. This courtesy would be written in pencil, on the mat, below and to the left of the image. All my “Always the Optimist” art is signed by me in the lower right of the image. All my ocean paintings and seascapes are mailed flat.



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